What’s old is new again: Makeup & Hairstyles !!

In my last post, I mentioned all the trends of the 90s that have had a comeback in the last years, here are also included makeup and hairstyles too.
We get to see that comeback trends on the red carpet from the models, the social media bloggers who are showing them in the different ways, sometimes mixing the old looks with the modern ones. It’s such a great thing.
These trends are inspiring us, starting from the eyeshadows with different colors, the lipsticks are also amazing they give us that feeling like we’re living in the golden years of the ’90s.
A brown neutral makeup – nothing too heavy, nothing too harsh, and everything looking chic. Just keep everything simple and nude as it will give you a fresh and dewy look, in the end, combining a dark brown eyeshadow with an eyeliner that it’s not too heavy and a nude lipstick it gives you that perfect old school look.
I am obsessed with the Clear lip glosses that had a comeback too. My preferred singer nowadays Selena Gomez brought it on her music video ” Fetish” and if you saw it you can see her with a super clean face and shiny, glossy lips which gives her that natural and sexy look at it’s best.
Many hairstyles made also a comeback too and better than before, hereinafter you can find some of most liked and used old school hair trends:
The lovely Half – Up ponytails and Half – Buns hairstyles;
Natural curlies;
Short Bob and Bangs combo;
Exposed Bobby Pins hairstyles;
All shades are in the most Natural tones or in the Colorful ones.