It is the most beautiful time of the year

As the holiday season began and the month of December brings with it the holiday spirits everything changes when the snow covers everything in white and it gets colder outside our hearts get warmer and it makes me believe that this season hides something magical.
Everybody’s happier, nostalgic and generous at the same time.
Every house spreads pure family love and happiness, each street brights up with lights and snow giving us hope for a better New Year.
Each of us had the ups and downs this old year but we’re still grateful that God has given us the chance to experience them.
Every smile and every teardrop was a lesson for us. We learned to love more and to forgive more. But for those who couldn’t forgive this is their last chance because if they can’t they won’t be able to have a new fresh start. We must encourage ourselves to be strong enough to forgive. Every day is a gift of God, let us full them with things that money can’t buy.
The best and precious things about holiday are gifts of course.
I always loved to give more than to receive gifts for my beloved ones because it makes me feel better and I think that this is the best way to thank everyone who was beside me all year long.
But if you still have no idea what kind of gifts to give or you haven’t enough money, just remember that it’s not important how much it cost something but the meaning of it it’s what it counts.
A Christmas Card it’s such a meaningful gift because you have the opportunity to write kind and thankful words for those who made this year and were there for you.
DIY Christmas gifts are great ideas too because you’re able to create them. And if you don’t know what kind of gifts to create you can search on Youtube, Instagram, Pinterest etc. for DIY photos & videos step by step, there you can find amazing craft ideas. Everyone will appreciate this kind of gifts because they’ll know that you have spent your time creating them.
Just remember it’s not important how many money did you spend on your gifts but how many faces did smile because of your creative gifts.

This one is my very last blog post for this Year, so I would like to take this opportunity to wish each and every one of you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!