’90s Trends – The Comeback

– In every season we get to see different fashion trends and styles, every designer makes sure to bring something that every one of us will love to have in our closets. But almost all the fashion designers are making the same thing, they are mixing the classic with the modern style.
As a 90s child, I remember the fashion styles and trends of that time and I’m kinda feeling nostalgic and super happy at the same time to see them now in every clothing store.
Starting from the different jeans style, suits, crop tops, floral prints, silky dresses, shoes, makeup, hairstyles and even the accessories made their way back in our collections.. quite rightly we can say that fashion has made a comeback.
— JEANS – our savior in every occasion and situation.
When we have no idea what to wear or we are late, jeans are always a good idea cuz we can combine them with everything. Different colors fade and styles, made them even more wanted.
Here are 7 pieces to fall in love with:
– M o m J e a n s – we are hearing and reading about these trendy jeans every day, they are the best flashback. They’ve come back into fashion and represent the perfect jeans for every season. The reason these jeans are so great for every woman is that they’re not super tight and create a real cuteness to your outfit. They’re very relaxed and suit every weather perfectly, even if they are short.
– F l a r e d J e a n s – dare to wear!! it doesn’t matter anymore if you were born in the ’90s or not give yourself a pair of flared jeans and rock with your outfit.
– H i g h W a i s t e d J e a n s – no matter if you have long or short, pairing with the right proportions is a basic rule for wearing high waisted jeans, but don’t forget if you want to slay with those jeans all your tops must be cropped or tucked in.
– O v e r a l l J e a n s – I do still remember my first overalls that I used to wear when I was about ten or eleven and I really loved them and I felt comfortable. I had large ones but the short ones look great too.
Nowadays we can see that their forms are more modernized but the most important thing is that they are baaack!! yayy !