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A place of passion, a place where I share all things fashion. This is a blog where I dedicate my time to share with people on what is trendy my life journey and things that I do as a fashion designer.I like to surf the web daily and find good products that are worth trying exactly what I included just down below. Through out the collection of Shoes, Handbags and Accessories I try to select the very best of products and display them in this ocean of apparel.

All things Fashion. Tips & Tricks on daily bases.

This section is highly important to me as I give my best to express my passion and through it help along every visitor of this page , the useful guides I try to provide , the ideas , tools and tricks what make the whole magazine section awesome. I also post occasionally interviews with fashion designers near my location or world wide to see a different perspective and just discuss latest trends.

8th March – International Women’s Day…

Women Of The World

.. every year on this day all women around the world without any kind of distinction join together different events including protests for women’s rights and all kind of gender discriminations.In this day, every year we use social media’s too as our voice to be heard everywhere around the world.In this post,

Benefits of Using Honey

Benefits of Using Honey

..for your Skin, Hair, and Nails

Honey – this sweet viscous food substance produced by bees. The use of honey is wide no just a tasty food but also is a great helper when it comes to facial and skin care. Down below I’ll write a few of face and skin masks made with honey in the house

Christmas: favorite songs and movies

Christmas: favorite songs and movies

When December comes with it wakes up the Spirit of Christmas in each of us and nothing proves that more than those Christmas songs and movies.

For me, there is no better way to start this holiday season than with Michael Bubbles ” Christmas” album, each song of this album gives me the joy and makes

Being a Fashionista

Being a fashionista is not as hard as it sounds, for some people it is just natural and some need to work hard to reach to that level. But either way the tips are never too much and I got some for that.

1. Being inspired, well no one does things just like that either way there is a glimpse on where all start and thus it is very important to be inspired and always on hunt for new ideas, clothes or what ever related.
2. Spending a lot it doesn’t mean that makes you fashionista the contrary you can follow trends on cheap as well or even with clothes you forgot you have on your old corner.
3. Confidence ? Appreciating your self is the best thing you could do , as when you do it others will follow .
4. Mixing things up, being free and mix things up is what gives you power as you could look tough and sweet on the same time.

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